A Complete Guide to Amazon Seller Central

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Starting an Amazon business is one thing but becoming proficient in the Amazon Seller Central is another. The Amazon Seller Central account holds a huge potential for online sellers because it gives access to millions of customers around the world.

However, It can be tricky to navigate the platform and find what you are looking for, especially if you are a beginner seller. Some people like to be prepared and to know everything before jumping in. If you are one of them read on, we have created this complete guide to help you learn fast.

Here you will read all you need to know about the Seller Central Account – its important functions, product listings, UPC codes and other important information.

Let’s get started..

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What is Amazon Seller Central?

The Amazon Seller Central Account is a platform which enables users to become sellers on Amazon. Using this account you can easily become an online seller without the need to design and maintain a website, handle payment or process returns like other e-commerce stores.

If you want to become a seller on Amazon your journey starts from the Seller Amazon Central account. Before you start your online business take some time to understand how the Seller Central account works. Your efforts will definitely pay off later on.

How to Set Up Your Seller Central Amazon

In order to sell on Amazon, the first step is to set up a Seller Central Account. Before you get started you need to enter some information which is best to have beforehand.

You will need the name of your business, contact information, your name and address, shipping locations, bank account details, seller logo, business information, return and refunds data.

Amazon Seller Center is the main place to start selling on Amazon. The interface can seem complex but it is not, there are several tabs sellers should get familiar with to be able to make the most of their Amazon journey.

However, the best way to do it is to get your feet wet, no matter how much your read on the internet, you will learn fastest when you try the things yourself.

If you are just starting with Amazon here are the most important features of the dashboard.

Catalog:  This is the place to add new products to your Amazon inventory. You can also create drafts to revise later. It is quite easy to edit everything in this section.

Inventory: This is a very important tab in the Seller Central account dashboard. It is where sellers manage their products see if all items are in stock. The Inventory section is where you see everything from purchases to shipments.

Prices: In this section of the dashboard, you can monitor the prices of your products. Here you can set and automate them as well as create alerts and discounts.

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Orders: On this screen you can observe your orders and their status. You can monitor shipped, unshipped and pending orders. Here you can also see the returns that must be processed.

Advertising:  This is the tab where you will likely spend a lot of time. Here you can create campaigns for your products, monitor and optimize their performance based on sales and conversions. In this section you can also generate promotions, lighting deals and coupons.

Reports: This part is easy to explain. You get to see different reports here that will tell you more about the state of your business including taxes and advertising. Amazon will give you tips on how to further optimize your business.

Performance: This is a section that you don’t want to skip. Here you can find the messages people write you and the feedback and claims they leave. In case of violation of the rules on Amazon sellers will be notified in this same section.

These are the important sections you need to know well before you start your Amazon seller journey. You need to know where you find what and get to test the functionality that can help you optimize your business performance.


The best way to make the most of Amazon Seller Central is to know beforehand what you are doing. The points mentioned above will help you in this journey. As you progress you will discover that some features are not beneficial for your business model. Still, the Amazon Central Seller account holds great potential that is definitely worth exploring.

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