The Best Amazon Price Trackers To Use

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Amazon is considered the largest online site people can retail their products globally. The platform has millions of items being traded for various prices. Certain product categories are very popular, making it difficult for both sellers and buyers to track item prices, changes in product prices, and discounted products. However, Amazon ensured that it simplifies how the users can keep track of item prices by introducing specialized tools to do the work.

If you are a trader on Amazon and you are searching for an Amazon Price Tracker, then you are in the right place. This article discusses some of the best trackers you can use as a vendor on Amazon to track item prices.


It is an analytical tool with a good reputation, and it has been in the marketplace for quite some time. You can use Keepa on your browser, also available as a desktop and android phone app. You can also use the tool as your browser extension if you use Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or edge.

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You may look at the software and think that it is so simple and cannot perform certain tasks. But you will be surprised when it offers you deep information regarding Amazon than can help you elevate your business to another level. The tool tracks prices and alerts you when there are price drops, stock availability, and any other deals regarding certain products. Keepa also displays them on charts and graphs to assist a seller in understanding the discovered information.

The tool quickly tracks items on European, Asian, and United States Amazon pages. You are the one to pick the method that you would prefer to get your messages and alerts. You can pick to receive the notifications through your email, Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram account. To track an item, you only need to tag it, and Keepa will handle all the other activities.


This is another tool that Amazon users can easily use to track different Item prices effectively. With the positive reviews from different users, it is considered as one of the best Amazon Price Tracker for online traders. When you buy or subscribe to the tool or app, you can make a watch-list for the items that interest you and put a price threshold on them. When you start tracking different products with the tool, it will keep tracking all the price fluctuations, and the moment a certain Item price goes under the price threshold you placed, you will receive a notification through your email.

You can access the tool in two alternatives – Enterprise and personal. If you pick the Enterprise plan, you will be offered limitless user profiles, while a personal plan will only allow you to have a solitary user license.


This is the fastest tool that you can use when you want the lowest price of a product instantly. You can use the tool as an add-on if you are using browsers like Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. The tool has features that allow it to compare current prices of items on many sites like Amazon, Lowe’s,, and Walmart.

The moment you install an Invisible hand and tag an item, it will display you other prices of the item on other online sites. The tool sends you a notification containing the link that will lead you to the item with the lowest price. Since it collects information regarding the product price in real-time, you will have to wait for some time as it collects relevant data. You can use this Amazon price tracker tool absolutely for free, and you can adjust it to solve your needs anytime you want.


Compared to other tools, Earny tracks prices differently. The other price trackers mainly focus on how you can save money before you purchase a certain Item, you can use Earny to track the items you have ordered to notify you when that item price drops. It will give you the option to determine if you can try and get the price to be adjusted. The tool can track the price of the products you have purchased by scanning through your email and generate a database containing all the purchases you made online. The tool then tracks all the products you acquired, particularly the ones concealed by price protection.

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With the use of Amazon Price Tracker, you can easily know when certain product prices get discounted or drop in prices. You can save a lot of money if you pick the right price tracker, and you will never regret shopping online. 

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