How to sell on Amazon: 5 profitable tips to win on Amazon in 2020

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How to sell on Amazon

So, you’re ready to join the band wagon of revenue-generating capitalists on Amazon. Thankfully, we have compiled the guidelines to place the aspiring seller at par with the most successful capitalists, shipping in millions of dollars year-over-year. Being one of the many sellers on the platform, we assume that you want to use the FBA service. So that you don’t have to bother about the drudgery of fulfilling others by yourself.

Let’s take a deep dive in.

how to sell stuff on amazon

How to commence Amazon selling

1. Fine tune your sources for items

To succeed on Amazon, you need to take care of sourcing:

  • Find a profitable niche with products that are durable & market-friendly. Electronics, clothes, books, beauty items are perennial hard-hitters. We advise not to source periodic and breakable items.
  • Verify the chosen item with the marketing via market analysis to keep tabs on your adversaries activities to give a general overview of the product segment. You can go as far as sampling the opinions of customers or suppliers. When you see that the market is stable, you can carry on with your plans
  • Source credible suppliers by visiting websites like Alibaba & AliExpress. Dig up their background to be sure you’re not misled. Check products yourself to ascertain its quality.
  • Set up orders from the supplier. Start by getting little quantities because you need Amazon customer reviews to decide whether you should continue with the supplier.

2. Go to and click selling on Amazon

Sign-up as a seller account first. There are two options here – individual seller or pro seller. Individual seller is set at $0 per-month, however, you will be charged $1 for every merch sold. For pro seller, the retailer is mandated to pay $39.99 per-month. Provide all the required information in the fields and viola, you are an Amazon vender.

3. Create and manage items listing

This is where the dirty work gets done. High-resolution images are needed to captivate potential viewers of your listing. Work on the title, content & description. Overall, provide sufficient information about each list & ensure it is appealing. If your merch is prime eligible, you get enjoy free shipment features of Amazon.

Always ensure that there is sufficient stockpile for you to sell. Obviously, as more orders are placed, so does your stock decrease.

4. Optimize item lists

When all is set up & your profile is running, track your performance to determine where it stands instantaneously with others in the marketplace. Optimization is an iterative routine for astute Amazon venders.

There are many aspects to optimize: keywords, rank, content etc. The goal here is to get your product in the face of your customers (more aggressively, shove it down their throats with offers and guarantees they can’t resist). There are lots of catch-phrases & calls to action to facilitate sales and revenue.

Get acquainted with performance optimizers like Jungle Scout, MerchantWords, Helium 10, IO scout & a host of other chrome plugins that will send your enterprise into high-gear.

5. Send items to FBA to fulfillment warehouse

You have chosen FBA fulfillment because you don’t want to ship merchandise to every single customer. All retailers need to do is forward the item to Amazon FBA ware-houses to do the packaging, fulfillment, and, customer servitude for you. These juicy services come at a fee. FBA begins at $2.40 for every standard item. Overweight items cost $8.25. Use FBA calculator to determine the amount you have to pay for your goods.

Advantages of FBA warehouses include:

  • Amazon to be responsible for facilitating returns and customer inquiries, saving an abundance of time & hassle for the retailer.
  • A chance to have the Prime tag on items. This adds a layer of trust, greater ranking, and visibility.
  • pricing is reasonable. You definitely will save years of valuable dollars when you send your merch via Amazon in lieu of a third-party agent.

Concluding note

Selling on Amazon has been totally demystified. The most important skillset to have is a competitive spirit to research new techniques for marketing as Amazon is a rapidly changing platform. Leverage every opportunity to do better on the Amazon market-space using the tools mentioned.

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